Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pyjama bottom....

I had some Kona Coal in the cupboard that I'd purchased for a previous project and didn't use but I think it looks lovely against the shabby chic pyjama colours.
So for the back of my Pyjama Party quilt I've taken a big chunk of grey and using the left over fabrics from the top I've created a high contrast strip of coins framed in white. I'm just debating what colour thread to use for the quilting. I usually use a natural cream colour but I'm worried this will really stand out against the grey and spoil its lovely smooth grey appeal. And, if I use a grey in my bobbin, how will the strip look quilted over in grey? A bit of thread experimenting might be coming my way before anything else!
All that aside, I love the Kona Coal colour. It reminds me of the little grey pinnies that we used to wear over our woollen winter uniforms when I was in primary school. Mine was edged with blue bias binding...the same blue in this quilt. It's funny how you don't think of things for over 40 years and then a fabric colour or two reminds you and it all comes flooding back.
Now this quilt will end up sitting for a while. Apart from finishing an essay that I've spent all day on....I don't have any spare basting pins! They're all tied up with some other quilts ready to quilt at the 'factory'. So even if I wanted to start quilting this one....I can't! (However, I could just pop out tomorrow and buy some more!)
But the day didn't completely lack creative pursuits. I have managed to supervise some cooking creativity occuring in the house today. R had a go at Rainbow Cake. Looks good R!
And Joe is putting the second coat of colour on the hallway walls....there's a bit of swearing going on but it's slowly getting there! Our hall is angled, so it's virtually two rooms - two ceilings, six walls....oh don't even think about it!


  1. Hi Theresa, oh my word,,,I was looking at the bottom and reading your last paragraph, thinking..ohhhhhhhhh wow...some went back to read pleased to see it was a cake..ha ha. thanks for the comment and love the grey by the way...cheers

  2. I'm loving the coal grey colour. Surprising, as it's the same colour as the sky here, which I'm NOT loving! We have had some rainbows too, but not as bright as R's. Are you channeling Portland weather?