Monday, March 1, 2010

Topsy Turvy.....

It's been a mixed up world around here and that's resulted in one thing.....not enough quilting!
With all the work going on in the hallway and the resulting dust there's little chance of basting anything that has to be spread out on the floor. I'm not complaining (that would be nagging!) but it's just too dusty and rooms are overcrowed with furniture that we've moved from the hall. As a result I have a plethora of flimsies backed up. I often call myself 'the factory' and with all of these tops hanging around on hangers, it sure seems like one! It's nice to spend time piecing but I then start to feel guilty about not finishing things. And more than that, I lose my quilting confidence.
So to alieviate the guilt and to have a bit of practice to get back into the swing of things I threw together this little baby quilt using a cartwheel block of solids, spots, small stars and stripes. (Yes starting yet another project from scratch really did help!) These blocks measure approx. 8" square.
The cartwheel is a great block. Really simple and quite effective. I'm actually working on another larger version that's in the WIP pile. Look into it or squint a bit and you'll see the white background act as a cartwheel shape as well. (Also known as whirlygigs and jumping jacks.)The back is a tiny polka dot that I bought as a remnant for $2 and the binding is a blue and white polka dot. (I'm so pleased with the back - not one pucker! Yee Ha!)Again, it's all out of scraps and stash and measures approx 32" square. Very rewarding. It's going to the mum of one of R's basketball team members who's just had a little boy.
It's lovely to start something on a Saturday night and finish it on Sunday. I just wish the hallway would go as fast!

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