Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sea of green and blue.....

Do you ever have good intentions to make a gift and then you run out of time and end up buying something instead? Well this quilt is exactly that.
I started to make this quilt back in October in good time for Christmas. Then other things got in the way (which was totally my doing) so I decided to not fuss, buy a gift and give it to the recipient for her birthday.
Her birthday is tomorrow! I've done it again!
The fabric is all Amy Butler and the design is completely inspired by Faith's Autumn Squares. It's based on disappearing 9 patch blocks however, after cutting they're not reassembled but sashed instead. I finished the last of the borders yesterday afternoon. Made a mad dash to the local quilt shop before it closed to make a new selection for the backing on account of not liking what I'd ordered on-line and managed to baste it last night.
I won't finish it in time for tomorrow due to other weekend commitments but luckily the recipient is my sister who will be away interstate for a few days so I've bought myself a couple of extra days to finish! I just have to make sure I don't squeeze in some other projects before this one.
Speaking of the local quilt shop. For all quilters in Adelaide, Hetties Patch has taken over the shop next door. It's huge and full of even more gorgeous fabrics.


  1. So what did you end up doing for the back?

  2. How remiss of me not to say! I chose a plain duck egg blue which sits perfectly between the green, white and blue. Funny thing is, it's so nice I've started playing with other fabrics to see what matches for the future....see how easily I get sidetracked!

  3. it's a thoroughly evil hobby,isn't it? :-)

  4. I think I love this one the best of all your recent quilts - and as you know I am a big fan of duck egg blue - lucky sister