Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bibs & Bobs....

Lately I've been on the hunt for ideas that will purge my ever growing pile of scraps. I seriously don't know where these scraps come from as I seem to be forever making scrappy quilts and rarely cutting into stash. How are they forming? Baffling to say the least...or denial, one or the other! Nonetheless, I think this scrap busting idea is a winner.....bibs that are made not only from scrap fabric but scrap strips of batting as well.
A couple of Thursday's ago I spent a 'Sew & Sew's' evening with the girls zigzagging together strips of batting to make pieces that were roughly 14" x 8". I was staggered to see how quickly I could cobble together some reasonable sized pieces. Then I built the fronts of the bibs using the quilt as you go method!
I always love going through my fabric bin and discovering little bits of fabric that has been lying dormant from quilts past. And then I hit the solids scrap bag! Solids scraps are just as adorable as prints.
The backs are solids and I've used really bright orange and lime.
My next adventure came in the form of snap buttons. These little things are tricky. I wasted a few along the way and had to buy another pack but it was really worth it I think as they finish the bibs off wonderfully.
And my last foray into the scrap bin has come in the form of a little covered note book that we will use on our forthcoming travels. Needless to say, it has been purloined by R who promptly made a cover page and has begun the note taking. Excellent.
 A couple of lovely scrap finishes to link up to Crazy Mom's Finish it Up Friday.