Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lots of lots of....

I've been having one of those 'doing lots.....not achieving too much' periods.
Work has been super busy and I've loved just coming home, stitching a bit and sorting fabric. I've made piles of strips, sorted small size scraps, small prints, florals, you name it, I've sorted it!
I found this gorgeous tutorial over at Nana Company for needle books and this has totally fed my desire for small print florals and Cath Kidson-sh contrasts of florals, gingham and polka dots.When I left last Saturday for the red-eye to Melbourne (which sadly was delayed 2 hours!) to visit my 3rd Australasian Quilt Convention, I had just this look in mind for my fabric purchases.
And let me tell you, I indulged....big time....bought lots, spent too much...but suffered little guilt....after all why else was I there?The biggest delight were the two stands selling Tilda fabrics. I've had the Christmas book for years and had no idea these fabrics existed. I was thrilled to find these divine prints which completely fed my lust for florals and polka dots....not to mention my favourite colours of pink, red, aqua and green!
Next thrill was the Doctors Flannel from Ballarat Patchwork. I've used this inside my needle-books for the pages and it is spectacular. So lovely to work with and cuts amazingly well with pinking shears. It's on my list for future purchases! Such a shame it is seriously pricey!
Interstate fabric buying is fun right down to the scrap bags and long sought after fat 1/4's but you need to make room in the cupboard so I started paper piecing some scraps for a strip quilt. I've managed 16 blocks over the last few days and this has made quite a dent in my scrap bag. I've shelved them for a while as I need to make some more quilts to get some more scrap stock. Isn't that ironic!
Now I'm playing with left over 2 1/2" squares and a back for my Granny Square quilt. Maybe I might get something finished some day soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Knit one....

...knitter's two!
I finished R's beanie, right down to an extra large pom pom. I hadn't intended the pom pom to be 'that' large but I couldn't undo it. Luckily R thinks it's OK, so it's still on! I'm worried it's weighing the beanie down making it extra slouchy!
The pattern (minus the pom pom) can be found here.And first time knitter R has made a really good start on her scarf. As with all first knitting attempts there are a few oopsies but she's enthusiastic and that's the main thing. Let's hope it's maintained long enough to get to scarf length!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Knitting season....

I thought I'd do a spot of knitting over the Easter break. I've chosen to work on a slouchy beanie for R which requires two sets of double knitting needles and two sets of yarn knitted together to create a 12 ply thickness....lots of bits. So to keep it all together, I thought I'd whip up one of Jen's little drawstring bags.The pattern for the bag is really straight forward but instead of using the recommended two exterior fabrics, I opted to use a whole piece of cheater print that I was recently gifted from the very generous Michelle. I also changed up the sizing a little, working with a 13" square. This was essentially to create the biggest bag I could out of the fabric I had that also allowed me to match the horizontal print on each side. I love how it turned out.
Then R asked if I'd show her how to knit a scarf. I dug out some needles that little hands would find easy to work with and some left over balls of wool. And because I was so thrilled with how neat my knitting was looking, I whipped another up for her.R's bag features a very cute Kokka print called 'Treffle' a pattern devoted to all things Paris. It's a little bigger again, 16" x 16" and lined with some more of Michelle's gifted fabric, a gorgeous red and white stripe. And to keep with the red, white and blue, the straps are made from some of DS Quilts' Picnics and Fairgrounds argyle in blue and white.They make a lovely pair of little bags indeed. Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 1, 2012 I love I love you... dear old Granny....!
If you sing this like Jolson sings Swanee, you'll have an ear worm that rolls around your head all day. Just like mine did as I sewed my Granny Square quilt top together.
I'm still loving it and will let it sit while I ponder a backing and how to quilt it. In the mean time, it's " I love you, how I love you, my dear old Granny...!"