Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lost for words....

I didn't mean to be away from this little space for so long....but for a while I felt like I didn't have anything to say! There was lots on....but I just couldn't find the words.
The activity that took up most of our time was renovating parts of our kitchen. Our oven finally died and with that came the shopping for a new one, the disconnection, the removal of the tiles the previous one sat on, re-tiling, the sanding and polishing of the floorboards and if you're doing all of that, you may as well paint! With that came emptying the kitchen, plonking the contents around the house and the feeling of camping out whilst we were oven-less. Needless to say, my sewing machine and projects had to be packed up in the process to keep the dust out. So a whole month past without any sewing whatsoever. That part was horrible! And added to that was a promised project that was weighing on my mind whilst getting very long overdue. So as soon as everything (well nearly everything) was put back into its rightful kitchen space, I hauled out the sewing machine and got to!
The promised project is a twin-bed (single) black and white, with a touch of red, houndstooth quilt. The pattern is from V and Co and is available as a pdf download. This is the larger sized check.
The back is mainly white but I've cobbled together some remaining blocks and off-cuts to make some smaller sized houndstooth check squares that float in the white background.
It will be handed over next week and I have to say I just might have to make another because I'm rather partial to this one!
And then whilst the machine was out and I started to get back into my 'I'll just do a bit of sewing' rhythm, I worked on a little scrappy string quilt which were some blocks I had in the cupboard. I decided to just use those and ended up with a nice little baby sized quilt. 
I love a quick little finish....particularly after a big one!
These two definately earn me a spot in Crazy Mom's Finish it up Friday!