Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Currently on the floor....

I've spent some weeks working on this cartwheel block quilt.
It's quite girly and bright in hot pink, lime, dark green and orange.
Whilst the block itself is very easy to construct, it takes time with all the cutting and piecing.
To frame it I've chosen a 4 1/2" border of hot pink and white polka dot. Wide borders are a real trap though. You need to be very careful that your cutting is accurate otherwise you end up with floppy bits on the sides that are hard to smooth out.....which sort of happened to me but I managed to get it reasonably smooth. The proof will be in the quilting!
The back is a remnant that I forgot I had in the cupboard. It features bunches of pink roses and is rather pretty and is the perfect fabric for a backing. I was very lucky and managed to eek out a full back from the almost 2.8 metres that I had ....albeit pieced! I'll have to show that next time.
So in between text books and essays this weekend I'm hoping to get started on the quilting. Leaving it a few days will help me decide how to quilt it. Darning foot? Walking foot?

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