Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pyjama top...

I played around with the layout from the other night and made the 'Pyjama Party' quilt top more triangular and mixed the colour more evenly which gives it quite a vintage, shabby chic look. Which is exactly what I wanted. I've also added a white border since taking this photo to bring it to around 140cm x 127cm.
I learnt the hard way that when making half square triangle blocks that you really should trim them back after stitching. I didn't and this caused me no end of problems with aligning the rows. I think I've got away with it.....well to be honest, I told myself that the quilt was for me, so don't worry about a 'few' blocks being out of alignment...!! And, I'll probably stipple it so I don't have to worry about straight lines going wonky.
I always love looking at the 'wrong side' of quilt tops. They're so pretty against the light (although today is a little dull)!
And here is L as an Avatar after an afternoon visit to a local school fete. We're just trying to wash it off now! Bring on the make-up remover!


  1. Did ya get Krispy Kremes???? We were long gone by the time they arrived....

    The quilt top looks lovely - as always. :-)