Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a sign......!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon to find a lovely looking red hen in our backyard. She was a having a gay-ol' time foraging around and looked quite settled in amongst the agapanthus. The funny thing was that I was hanging clothes on the line, heard a noise, looked and then did a double take as I had to process the fact that we don't have chooks!
R and I have wanted chooks for such a long time. Joe is not a fan and when he heard one had mysteriously arrived in our yard, he hit the roof. Whilst his anxiety was more about 'acquiring' someone else's chook mine was about making sure she didn't freeze in the event she would still be with us over night.
R quickly sprang into action and emptied the scrap bucket for chook scraps, cut up a new cucumber (grrrr!) and got stuck into bread slices. She called a school friend who has chooks and between them they worked out a few tactics on how to encourage her to stay. She also spent quite a considerable amount of time converting the long-time abandoned cubby house into a chook pen.
She even named her....Haigh's (as in the chocoloate) in honour of this Easter season!
By the time I'd returned home with Joe our little friend had moved on....hopefully back home to her own chook family.
It was a bit of a laugh and I found it difficult to suppress the irony of a chook landing at our house on the eve of the Easter season. It's a sign....and now that the cubby quite obviously is capable of hen-house makeover perhaps Joe might relax about having some hens permanently in the yard. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. A chooky visitotr - its a sign tell Joe that chooks are cool adn you get free eggs - what is there not to like??

  2. great story it...shame she moved on really...rofl..happy easter?