Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to the future...

About 2 years ago Clare talked me into coming to Thursday night art classes at Nest Studio. It was a regular commitment, our time away from the hussle and bussle of work and home and a lovely creative outlet shared with a group of girls on a similar path. These are the classes where the Sew & Sews originated....the name we gave the group as we continued to meet on a Thursday evening whilst Carly went on maternity leave.
One of our early projects was Gokko screen printing. We made simple single colour line screens, then printed the designs onto fabric. I created a cupcake screen and printed up 6 aprons. Over the past few years I've embellished several and given them away as gifts.
A couple of Thursday nights ago Clare made G an apron. R was over last weekend and the girls spent the afternoon cooking. As soon as R got home she requested an apron of her very own. Not only that....she wanted one of the cupcake ones....and she wanted one of the red ones.
Well....if they've sat around for 2 years....they needed to be finished and put to good use. So last night at Sew & Sews I edged a red one in my favourite and recently washed red and white polka dot binding. A fantastic, no cost (no extra cost!) finish.

I would have loved to have popped a tiny red and white spot covered button cherry on top of the cake but I was all out. Just might have to go on a hunt for some self covered buttons tomorrow in MELBOURNE!

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