Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good Goddess.....

It was a Percy Jackson theme for R's 13th birthday party with her girl friends so it was Greek Goddess's a go-go and blue food. If you're a fan of the Percy Jackson books, you will know that PJ's mum works in a lolly shop and brings home blue food every birthday! (You will have to read the books to know the reason behind the blue food obsession/ritual...!)
Our menu included lamb and chicken yiros (I know the Gods don't eat the meat of the animals they create....but it's a Greek theme....too!), pizza (because everyone eats pizza!), cup cakes in blue patty pans with blue M&Ms, honey joys (because I couldn't get any ambrosia) in blue patty pans and blue jelly with cream.
The birthday cake was the lightening bolt.....the one stolen from Zeus (Uncle Zeus to those in the know!). The body of the cake was the fabulous rainbow recipe from here and iced in blue to keep the blue theme going. L chose to go as Percy Jackson. (Doesn't this look like the book cover!)He and R made the lightening bolt during the holidays (I added the glitter!) and made the shield. We cut out the shape from the top of the Weber lid from a cardboard box specially picked from Bunnings (they weren't too impressed when we asked for 'that box right up there'), added a few nuts and bolts and sprayed the lot gold. He carried them around all day...well done L for staying in character!
The party was lovely, the guests were divine. We had lots of fun!

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  1. Looks like a run on white satin and gold braid from Spotlight!! - well done for a lovely them and gorgeous party