Monday, April 26, 2010

A good day....

A good day was had by all. A public holiday, the last day of the ANZAC Day long weekend and this little family got stuck into things.


Clare made a comment the other day about the pile of quilts on the chair and their lack of growth. What she actually said was...."you haven't added to this pile lately". So even though I wasn't offended because I know I've been making quilts for others it must have sent a subliminal message because after I'd finished measuring some batting for a birthday quilt, and worked out what I had left, I got stuck into my 'Pyjama Party' quilt even though I had absoloutely no intention what-so-ever to do so when I woke up this morning! Spooky! And, naughty's taken all day!


Has spent all day on "St Andrews" his driving/practice swing range. He's cleared. He's levelled. He's even fixed that back fence (as best he can). (He must read this blog!) I think he needs a trompe l'oeil on that back wall.

R & L.
Did some cooking.
"No I think creme brulee is a little hard". "We don't have the ingredients for tira misu." "Spooky cupcakes would be great....let me light the oven...."

And we had bacon and eggs for brunch and roast lamb for dinner! Oh I love a busy long weekend.....don't you?

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