Sunday, November 29, 2009


Really OUCH!
I've done something dumb. Really dumb....and right now it hurts.
I picked up a hot baking dish and ....well....held it...till it registered that it was H O T !!!
I've burnt my finger tips. It's really bad on my left pointer finger. It's blistered and it's sore.
You seriously don't realise how much you use your fingers (and their tips) until you start doing taking clothes off the line....and typing....and worse....pinning. When you're a quilter, burnt finger tips and pinning is NOT a happy combination. I'm just thankful it's not my right finger (whilst it is burnt, it's not as bad as the left) as I have an exam on Wednesday and I'll be hand-writing (and writing and writing).
On a lighter note (or should I say less burning issue....!). Here is L at his swimming carnival today.L is very lucky to be part of a fabulous program here in Adelaide known as SASRAPID. It's a Government initiative sporting program for kids with integration difficulties. It's terribly underfunded and as a result L has been on the wait list for a permanent swimming spot for years now. But our acceptance of fill-in lessons has paid off and he's had 2 terms of one-on-one swimming lessons. He's almost there. Today was fun. In the little pool for some fun activities - everyone wins a prize. He's walked home with 3 x blue and 1 x green. I think he's a bit smaller though... he jumped in at 1.30 and didn't come out till 3.30! And he won the raffle! You can't be unlucky (like my fingertips) all the time!


  1. aww mate, hope it doesnt slow you down too much...they are nasty burns..and Painful......hoping you on the mend soon...