Sunday, November 15, 2009

Like Mother....

Maybe like daughter?
There's this harsh reality that Mothers face when they realise their kids are not the same as they are. Their baby thinks differently and arrives at conclusions in a completely different way to the way that they would have thought obvious. It's not's just a different thought pattern. So you can imagine my delight when R outlined her plan to make a bag out of calico and to decorate it in buttons....knowing exactly what she wanted.
I had the calico in the stash but my collection of buttons weren't quite off to Spotlight we went for the bulk bag of buttons for $9. (Gosh...have the button people discovered the art of sweeping up the left-overs just like the cheese people who package up pre-packed bags of cheese...?)
Anyway... is it like Mother? Maybe.....but I know R. She has a short attention span....she's an Aries (and I'm a Picesean) and it's full-on at the moment. It might be gone let's not get too excited about it just yet. In the meantime it's a nice project.
PS: Done sewing for tonight..."It's hard...". (Yehh...I know!)

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  1. What is it with our girls and buttons G is the same - she sews them on everthing!!!Shall I bring her to S&S this week - they can button together!!