Sunday, November 22, 2009

Up to pussy's bow....

Do you ever have those weekends that are chocker-block crammed full and involve co-ordination that's close to military precision to ensure everyone gets a fair share and everything that needs to be done, gets done? Well we've just had one.
Friday night was a synchronised effort so I could have drinks at Government House (sounds selfish but I've said 'no' for the past 3 years because R had ballet and she's given that up so how could I say 'no'?) and for L to get to a party at the same time, rendevouing with R who was also invited and was going straight from basketball practice. Then it was pick me up, get changed and back to the party to pick the children up. Home again, for a bit of tv and hand sewing the binding on my scrappy mini quilt. This is the one that was going to be the back of the other 'completely made from scraps' maverick star quilt...but it was too nice for a back, so it became it's own little festive mini quilt. It'll make a great placemat on Christmas Day.
Saturday was shopping (is it still only Saturday?!), R's basketball (they won their first game...yeh!), swimming for L and two consecutive parties for R. I managed two chapters in a vain effort to try and catch up on my study and a bit of sewing. I'm making covered books for the teachers' end of year gifts. Thing is, both R & L both have a shared teacher arrangement (so that's 4 before I blink!), plus L's speech therapist and special ed co-ordinator....and what about the music teacher....! I chose Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler fat quarters and have a mix of ribbon ties and elastic button closures for A5 sized notebooks.
Then today, finish off a chapter, Joe only played 9 and then it was off to R's end-of-year junior string ensemble presentation. R performed very well with two solos and an ensemble presentation. Then back for a little more sewing, 3 more loads of washing and cleaning out the shed because it's our council's hard rubbish week! (of which half the rubbish we've put out is already gone thanks to the neighbourhood helping themselves before the truck comes!) I'll have to go to work for a rest I think!


  1. I cannot BELIEVE that you managed all that in one weekend! Puts my drama/dance/xmas shopping in the city/Glenelg pageant/scout bbq to shame. I only managed to sew about 4 seams....

  2. Oh....I think I didn't elaborate on the bits that Joe did like driving R to her parties whilst I walked L to swimming and lounged around reading text books....makes for a good story though! It was more about the precision rather than who did what! And did I miss the G pageant....drats....needless to say, I won't be doing the Norwood pageant either with my current study load.

  3. I think you shoud do the Norwood Pageant becase G is a snowflake fairy!! but with 22 wet and windy weather forcast she will be feeling as if it is snowing!!! And all I did on the weekend was have a garage sale, a costume making session and a birthday!!