Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quilter by day.....

Rocker by night..... (sort of!)
Last night Pearl Jam performed to 20,000 Adelaideans. Not a massive crowd by any means but those who know Adelaide, it was enough to pack out Adelaide Oval, the home of the South Australian Cricket Association and one of the most picturesque playing fields in the world as it sits in the shadow of its spectacular scoreboard. Eddy and the boys may as well have been talking to me (whilst I was propped up in my gold seat eating an icecream*) as he told us that he loved coming to Adelaide. He recounted tales of previous visits (all of which I was in attendance...what a PJ groupie!), that Pearl Jam certainly loved 'this beautiful oval', made a joke about lip synching and that it was the audience's karma that presented the band with a balmy 25 degree (celcius) night as either side has seen 8 days of 39 and 41 today and tomorrow. Just perfect.
* the lines were too too long for a plastic cup of wine and seriously who wants to drink hot wine out of plastic?
Here's a few snippets of the action.
The famous Adelaide Oval Scoreboard welcomes Pearl Jam, Ben Harper and Liam Finn.
Close up of the scoreboard. can see Eddy on the screen!

Final stage dressing nearing the end of the concert. At one stage Ben Harper returned to jam with the boys and all Pearl Jam backdrops were removed....what good guys!
The screens either side of the stage go full colour.
And by day...yes the other me....the quilter! I've been very diligent of late and managed to put in some hard yards completing my black and white log cabin blocks. They just need a bit of trimming, joining and that's the top done. I'm under a bit of pressure to get this one finished as it's slated as a Christmas present but my attention span keeps waining with other things I'd like to be wonder I have so many WIPS!

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