Monday, December 7, 2009

You know it's nearly Christmas....

...when the Lego Advent Calendars come out.
They've become a much anticipated ritual in our house these past few years with L even counting down the days to December 1 so he could open the box and get started. We're now in full swing at day 7 as evidenced by the Lego shrine. The routine goes: get up, find the number (although this is generally memorised the day before), open the surprise, pop it together, eat breakfast and back for the chocolate from the supermarket calendar. I know it's sort of bad eating chocolate early in the morning but it's only a little bit of chocolate! 'Tis the season!
L's Lego Pirates.

And R's Lego City.

Now if you want a giggle or two, head over to Laura's blog in the next few days. She creates a very amusing saga with her Lego Advent Calendars. I guess she just has to wait a few days to open a few more characters!

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