Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I made this little lap quilt for mum last Christmas (2008). It was the first quilt I completely made by machine and was quilted in the ditch using my old 1980's Husqvarna without a walking foot. It was a nightmare to say the least and I was never truly satisfied with the outcome. I was embarrassed to give it but the material was so gorgeous it outshone the imperfection of my lumpy bumpy quilting. And of course, a mother being a mother said she loved it. The fabric is 'Paper Dolls' by Windham and it was the perfect choice for my mum who is a keen doll collector.
I've come a long way in a year having made several quilts since then and investing in some equipment and lessons that has made quilting far less stressful than this early attempt. So I asked for it back with a promise to 'fix it'.
Over the break I've un-picked it...which I must say was easier than I thought it was going to be, particularly with some of the stitching being quite tight in some sections. It's now in pieces.
I toyed with the notion of completely pulling it apart as the big 6" squares of which there are 36, lend themselves quite nicely to a disappearing 9 patch. But in the end I thought it best to stick with the original basic plan so I've left the top as is. I'm now going to re-assemble and use the walking and darning feet to re-do the quilting. Stay tuned!


  1. It looks gorgeous Theresa; I've always admired that material. Well done on pulling it all apart! Will you stick to stitching in the ditch or perhaps stipple instead?

  2. Hi Kay...I'm thinking cross hatching in squares, stipple one of the borders - I think inner and straight line in the outer. The outer will be a little smaller as I've not added any extra batting or lining and don't have any spare for the binding!

  3. wow..keen girl...I made a quilt for my mum once...she said and I quote "what am I supposed to do with that" oh i know "i will put in the caravan" needless to say it now hangs on my wall...grrr
    all power to you to unpick it...cant wait to see the finished product..good luck with it

  4. LOL Pauline. It did cross my mind that mum was VERY quick to hand it back...with the Christmas wrap still intact...! Oh well, maybe this one will be on my wall one day too! Too funny!