Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feeling a little blue.....and red

I got home from interstate only to come down with a really bad cold. So needless to say I've been feeling a little blue lately.
Then during the week, Joe's sister called to ask us to her grandson's 2nd birthday on Sunday at 9.30am. (Crikey. Do these people sleep? Sunday at 9.30am, the morning after my work Christmas Dinner....I don't think so!)
I wanted to make the birthday boy a quilt but I didn't have a lot of 'boy' fabrics in my stash. However, with the addition of a few blues to my reds, whites and limited blues, I managed to eek out enough for a little red, white and blue maverick star quilt. It measures approx 122mm x 152mm (48" x60") Here is the inspiration.
Red, white and blue is charming. It's so crisp. No wonder Ralph Lauren uses it all the time. I loved making this quilt and will definitely make another for L. I can honestly say I like every single star block - no favourites. However, looking back I would have laid the blocks out differently. That's what you get for being in a rush. I turned this one around so quickly it didn't even make it to the 'WIP List' on my blog roll!
It's quilted on the diagonal (did I mention I was rushing to finish!). The binding is scrappy and used up the last of the blues I purchased. The backing is from Ikea and is the same colour as the denim blue on the front. Ikea fabrics are great - they're wide!It's now wrapped and with Joe's mum to deliver to the guest of honour tomorrow morning.

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  1. It's lovely T. I like the stars....maybe I'm ready to branch out a little - after I finish the green one for Mum for Xmas, of course. I need more days before Xmas!!