Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I had to go to Sydney this weekend to organise a client's Christmas Party. I always find it rather amazing that he doesn't have anyone on staff that can do that but it seems he doesn't and he gets me to do it. Up until now he was in the Gold Coast but he recently transferred to Sydney. So when R found out I was heading to Sydney for a weekend she hatched a plan to come too and catch up with her 'old' friend C who moved there with her family 7 years ago. C and R met in day care when they were just months old. They were always together from 'babies' to 'kindy' and were so alike in so many ways....right down to turning up in the same dresses but in different colours! R hadn't seen C for 3 years and was so excited when I told her I'd bought her an airfare and that C wanted her to have a sleep over whilst I was working. I was a bit nervous about them meeting again. After all, they're 12 now and a lot changes in 3 years. But I needn't have worried. After the initial "oh my goodness, look how you've grown!" from the mums, the girls embraced and disappeared into C's room. They talked and talked and talked all weekend. They're exactly the same! Same clothes, same books, same interests, same everything. It's remarkable. It's wonderful. To be able to pick up after 3 years and still have so much in common is a blessing.
I eventually came up for air and was lucky enough to spend Sunday with the family. The girls, Margaret and I went for a walk for a bit of window shopping and along their local beach front. At the end of the beach is Bathers Pavilion, the renowned Sydney restaurant. Margaret explained that you can't book. We checked it out and it was only a ten minute wait for lunch. So we grabbed it. What a treat! And as Margaret rightly said, "if we'd planned it, it wouldn't have happened and we'd have been disappointed". So with a chink of the glasses..."here's to friendships and good fortune".


  1. R is so very lucky to have a friend like that; it's a rare thing to find.

    Glad the weekend went well. I'm quite certain tht there ARE people on staff that are capable of organising but they probably refuse to do it.

    And has R had a haircut???

  2. Yes.
    Yes. You are right, they claim to be 'at the party and can't work (won't work).