Sunday, December 27, 2009

Racing to the finish...

The Christmas hurly burly is almost over and we're packing to go to the shack down south for New Year's. As much as I'd love to take my sewing machine to fill in the slow summer days with some of my projects, it just won't be possible with the amount of 'stuff' we have to cram into the car. So I'm being very good and frantically trying to finish a UFO so that I have some hand stitching to do whilst I'm away. The chosen one? My one-a-day 9 patch from so long ago. I recall making my patches in record time and sitting right back on my laurels patting myself on the back with plenty of time to spare. Then I constructed the back and promptly popped it back in the cupboard. The upside of my 'slackness' is that dragging it out again today reminds me of the all the wonderful fabrics that have gone into this quilt. A legacy of just one year of quilting. It's very exciting....enough to enthuse me to create another scrap buster project with all the new left-overs in the scrap bin. Have a great New Year's everyone and hopefully finish off a few projects to start afresh in 2010!

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