Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fairytale finish....

I've finished the little scrappy quilt featuring Heather Ross's Far Far Away (edition 1). It's free motion stipple quilted which I haven't done for a while so I was a little rusty. Needless to say it gave me my fair share of grief but I got there in the end! However, being baby quilt size, the quilting was done in a couple of hours with just two bobbins used in total. No wonder small quilts give so much satisfaction in between bigger projects! I've bound it in some of the Spotlight honeycomb fabric that's in store at the moment. I've chosen the orange which is a slightly burnt orange and goes quite well with the orange and peach in the FFA fabric. I'm thinking this one might go in the wash to pre-wrinkle it before hand over. I generally don't do that as I like my quilts to look new but I think this one will improve if it's softened up. To be honest, I'm not totally enamoured with this quilt. I love the stars but am a bit wrankled over the rectangle....but I also know that that's me and my penchant for symmetry.

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