Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wonderland delight.....

After a lively conversation with M, one of R's friends, about our mutual love of pretty much anything Alice in Wonderland, particularly the completely out of our price range, Marc Jacobs ballet flats, I purchased some Alice in Wonderland fabric off eBay. The seller didn't know the source but I think it's Kokka. It doesn't have a brand but instead has the most divine selvedge with little houses depicting the colours used. So when M's 14th birthday rolled around yesterday I made her a little covered note book and a co-ordinating pencil case. The pencil case measures about 43cm across x 33cm high, large enough for a ruler and the plethora of stationery these girls have to carry around to each class. I added a gusset to the bottom to help it stand up on her desk. The note book worked out really well and I love the little ribbons that I found in my 'must keep that for something' tray. Both received seals of approval from R....in the form of 'that's sooo cute, I want one too!'.And on the floor at the moment as part of my mission to finish off UFO's, my Katie Jump Rope quilt. It too has been in the wardrobe (of shame) since January 2010! Looking at it again, I haven't lost any love for it since I decided to cut into this precious fabric....just as well! It's now basted and ready for quilting.....soon!

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