Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One person's trash.....

Is another person's treasure. Some months back Joe found this little stool on the footpath during our neighbourhood's hard rubbish week. At the time it was covered in white contact. I peeled it off and found this dilapidated finish underneath. I'm in two minds what to do with it as I quite like the shabby-ness of it. Then a few weeks back I was driving along and saw this stool on the footpath, thrown out with a couple of other bits and bobs. I put the brakes on and my kids ducked down, groaning ", it's hideous!"Yeh, yeh,'s frightful and the finish was almost 3D! But the other night whilst I had the stripper and course grade steel wool out for another project, I thought I'd throw some on. It took more than a casual splash of stripper to get that coating off I can tell you that for free! I kept wishing we still had a heat gun which died a few years ago from over use! (that's another story).
However, with a bit of persistence, elbow grease and I dare say, blood, sweat and tears, I got that wretched folk art cat OFF! Look at my stool now! It's fabulous pine and oak and quite sturdy.And the two of them together.....well that's a collection in my book!

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  1. You can borrow our heat gun if you like-says Clare relaxing in ByronBay!!!!!!!