Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adding to the collection....

I admit it....I'm a Denyse Schmidt fan....big time. I have two quilts in the 'works' featuring Denyse Schmidt fabrics - one Katie Jump Rope and the other Hope Valley, I've also been collecting OOP Flea Market Fancy and have a little bit of County Fair. I'm reserving judgement on her Greenfield Hill line BUT as soon as I saw her DS Quilt collection for Joanns in the US I just knew I HAD to have some. I've read some posts relating to the line coming to Spotlight in Australia but my interpretation is that it's only 11 fabrics and they'll be different to the lovely set of red, blue and green floating around US blog land. The Australian shipment was slated as May but hasn't materialised (pardon the pun) at my Spotlight stores.....much to the assistants chagrin!!! (please read as annoying/pesky customer asking wierd question) So, given my 'addiction', I've had to take advantage of a very strong AU dollar and purchase via Etsy. 21 gorgeous prints in colours and prints that are worthy of the collection!

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  1. So these are the Joann's version? I was in Spotlight yesterday and couldn't find anything even vaguely resembling DS but thought I might have just missed it entirely.

    And there is one Greenfield Hill print that I found that was perfect for the back of my 2 1/2" squares, but naturally I couldn't find it in stock anywhere! (Well, not in the quantity I needed.)