Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A nicey start to the new year....

A Nicey Jane start that is!I have cut into my precious collection of Heather Bailey Nicey Jane, reacquainting myself with why I bought this fabric in the first place. It's nothing short of delightful with its mix of vintage floral illustrations with modern stripes, dots and patterns and the colour combinations leave me sighing at how gorgeous this quilt is looking. The fabric is so lovely I couldn't bear to cut it up too much and decided to use the pattern that Katy plotted recently. Out of 12 fat quarters I created 12 x 16" blocks and added a couple of 2 1/2" white and one left over fabric borders which yields a quilt top of 76x60". It's now all pin basted and ready for quilting.


  1. How pretty! I have a Nicey Jane quilt in the works too. It's such a pretty fabric line! Have fun quilting it!

  2. Beautiful Theresa! I have some FQ of Nicey Jane here also - it is such a pretty fabric.