Saturday, January 7, 2012

The quest....

As blogging quilters we are always on the hunt for photographs that will show off our quilts in the best possible light.
I stayed up late last night watching the 50 millionth re-run of 'A few good men' to finish the binding on my Nicey Jane quilt all the while thinking that I must get up early to take a shot before the thunder storms hit. It's currently 31 degrees celcius and pretty steamy....the calm before the storm.
Now this quilt measures 76" x 60" so it's reasonably big, too big at least to hang right side up on my clothes line. But I've been down this path before and thought I'd employ the newly discovered verandah porch/skirt hanger technique that I developed for my Swoon quilt. So I moved the car, swept off the spiderwebs, got the hangers, got the stool and started to rig up the quilt. But for some reason this time the hangers wouldn't grip the quilt and it kept dropping out. Hummm....everyone else is asleep, so they won't take kindly to being quilt holder-uppers.....try the swing.
The swing whilst a noble attempt chops off the top of the quilt....and I like to see ALL the quilt....! Well I can at least take a photo of my new tags while I'm here.I'll just have to settle for the clothes line then....OK for the back. Oh well, now for a shot of the the binding. "Where's the stool? Oh, out the front still."
So I take another look at the rigging and think, why not try different hangers? Doh! Success....!Now back to the binding, grab the stool, fold up quilt, try an outside shot. Too shadowy. Try for inside, move furniture, turn on light, turn off light. Of course the whole time I'm thinking, "this quilt is going to get filthy before too long...&^%^&**!"So after all that scurrying around, I managed to get a few views of the Nicey Jane quilt....and I'll go back and move the car....!
Quilt details:
Fabric: Heather Bailey Nicey Jane (pinks), yellow homespun for the back
Pattern: I'm a Ginger Monkey with 2 1/2" borders
Size: 76" x 60"
Quilting: stippled by me!
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  1. Wow! That was a quick finish! Looks great.

  2. Lovelovelove!!! Those fabrics are so gorgeous too. What a beautiful quilt. Especially love the borders - they finish it off so nicely.

  3. I laughed about your quest for proper light!

    Here in Indiana in the winter we have very few days of sunshine, so each moment the sun peeks out from behind the gray overcast clouds, I have to dash out and snap a few pix of my quilt progress!

    Such a pretty quilt - very girly and whoever gets to use it is very very fortunate!

  4. Cute tags! Love it.... The backing is great.. I like the stripe you put throught it.

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous! :o)
    And your pictures are beautiful!
    I watch old movies too, when I bind my quilts.
    I am your newest follower. :o)

  6. Love the colors and the pattern. It is just beautiful and fun and springy!