Saturday, January 14, 2012

Made in Cherry....DS Quilt style....

There are a plethora of quilt-along's happening at the moment. Probably something to do with the Winter months ahead on the other side of the world which makes for a very comfortable sewing season.
There's the Swoon-Along, the Sparkle Quilt-Along, the Sparkle Punch, Soltice Stars (which is based around a series of tutorials), Scrap Attack, AND Made in Cherry!
Well given my recent finishes, I'm thinking I deserve to start something new.
I've made a Swoon and as much as I'd like another, I'm not quite ready to commit just yet.
I have plenty of scraps....but....they can wait....after all, they're almost a given, there'll always be more!
Sparkle Punch is pretty gorgeous....but looks tricksy!
So I'm jumping head first into the Made in Cherry.
pins & bobbins
Made in Cherry is a pattern designed by Sarah Fielke and was designed around her new range of fabric known as St Ives. Cherry is the colour-way of the fabric. The pattern is a free download from the Lecien site but all the details are given as part of the Pins & Bobbins quilt along. Chelsea who's hosting has also worked out the block size and quantities for a smaller and larger version to the standard 80" size.
I've decided to use my stash of Spotlight sourced Sugar Creek by Denyse Schmidt quilts.I'm using 15 of the prints which will be set against a grey background. The fabric's cut and it's currently laid out on the floor with a few triangles stitched and numbered! Here's to a great weekend of stitching.

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