Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year....

Happy new year to one and all. Here's to another great quilty year!

1. On the Plus Side top close up, 2. Boxing Day Bow-tie baby quilt, 3. Swoon quilt, 4. Pixel baby quilt, 5. Botany Quilt, 6. Bliss on the fence, 7. Procrastination quilt, 8. Close up of Pip Pip Hooray, 9. Stars and Stripes quilt, 10. Baby Bliss Bowtie quilt, 11. Jump to it, 12. Fairytale Quilt binding, 13. Munki Munki Network Quilt, 14. Leftover Loveliness quilt, 15. Mini scrappy bowtie quilt


  1. Such a gorgeous collection of projects!! Love the Ruby plus and your DS Swoon especially:)