Monday, March 28, 2011

Wish'n and hop'n......

Quite some time ago I spent an age cutting out 5" squares of Hope Valley and Kona Ash.
Then I stitched about 95% of them together to make 1/2 square triangles. Then because I was a bit short of Kona Ash squares, about 12 I think (!), the whole lot laid idle in a plastic bag at the back of my cupboard. But with an urge to progress some of my UFO's I recently pulled out that plastic bag. And I cut those remaining grey squares and finished piecing the 1/2 square triangles. Ahh....progress. Then, a little (actually a lot) overwhelmed by the prospect of trimming and squaring each of those squares, I decided skip this part and opted to just cut off the 'ears' and started to piece them instead. I wish I hadn't been so lazy and so impatient to get started. It's not easy to line up 1/2 square triangles that haven't been trimmed and squared. But it's all too late and that's hindsight speaking, so I'm taking this project bit by bit, first of all piecing in pairs, then 4's, then 8's and now 16's and aligning as I go. My quilt top is looking OK but I know the process could have been easier and given a better result if I'd taken the time to trim. Here's to hop'n that everything lines up because this Hope Valley fabric is just gorgeous.