Saturday, March 12, 2011

And then there was a quilt top....

A few weeks ago I was inspired by Aneela's Blocky quilt to cut up my bits of Munki Munki scraps to make similar blocks using her tutorial.
I had originally bought a 'starter' pack of assorted Munki Munki peices so I only had small bits in my collection and didn't have a great deal to work with. I felt my blocks were too small to make a quilt so hit on the idea that I should frame them.
Then I had small 5" strips of white fabric left over from framing and because I hate to waste bits of fabric I used them to join the blocks....kind of connector pieces.
I'm working with the last of my Kona Celery and have had to cut and piece carefully so as not to waste it. This was made all the more difficult when I didn't like my original layout which caused a round of unpicking and adjustments to sashing.
It's a bit scrappy....which is fine but I'm not sure about the colours in each of the blocks. It's my problem....I just can't break out of 'too much matchy matchy, needs more contrast' mode! However there's no denying, for a small pile of scraps it's grown into quite a fun quilt top which someone has already laid claim to....and that's the main thing!

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