Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sheee's baaack!....

Twelve months or so ago I posted about a hen that flew over to our house, laid a few eggs, then disappeared.
Well, she's back.....BIG TIME.
Last year she arrived around Easter time (which was a little earlier in the year) and we nick-named her 'Haighs' after the famous Adelaide chocolate brand.
Right now we have an abundance of figs dropping on the ground, so I think she started to visit for breakfast treats (going by the poo trail), then she decided to stay a little longer, peck around a bit more, found a few more know how it goes. Now she drops in for hours at a time. We go outside and ask, "Where's Haigh's"?
She's been dropping in for a few weeks now. And whilst we were away she must have had free-range (pardon the pun) of the yard. There were enough tell tale signs to confirm her presence.
My mum came over today and we were telling her about 'our chicken'. She asked about eggs.
Whilst we were shaking our heads, Joe just happened to look left....serious...and he noticed some eggs under a bush. Eight of them! We tested them all and they're perfect. All fresh and edible.
Thanks Haighs.....drop in any time! I know you want to!

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