Sunday, March 20, 2011

My topsy turvy world.....

Back in October last year we held a Halloween party and at great expense purchased two 'Halloween Pumpkins' from one of the two major supermarket chains. These pumpkins were the gorgeous orange and pumpkin shape that I'd read about on US blogs and even though they cost a fortune, and the insides were inedible, they made a huge difference to the decor.
After removing the insides for carving, the seeds and pulp were thrown into our compost....which is essentially a process of burying our scraps in a spare patch of garden bed.
After a few weeks the seeds started to sprout.
I thought the green shoots were fresh and pretty, so I didn't bother to pull them out.
Then they started to produce flowers. At the time I dismissed them as I figured for a shop bought pumpkin, obviously kept in the cooler for months on end, nothing would come of them. I really figured that any chance of reproducing fruit would have been hybridised out the plant.
Admittedly Joe was out there in the morning doing a spot of 'fertilising' transferring pollen from one flower to another.
The first fruit died off. I'd actually blogged about it, so I reckon I jinxed it.
But then, more and more fruit started to take hold along with some Jap pumpkins that are more accustomed to our climate. Before long we had pumpkins running amok in our backyard. It was spectacular!
When we got back from FNQ recently, the 'Halloween' pumpkins had started to turn orange. Now they're fully orange and they're the perfect shape. We're waiting for the stems to dry off before picking them. It's just a shame that it's months to go before Halloween celebrations and I'm sure any attempts at storing will be in vain....and certainly not for that long. We really are at the opposite end of the seasons to be ready for October and Halloween.
In the meantime, we'll have Jap pumpkins laid on for Autumn.....our Autumn.
(PS. this is my 200th post!)

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