Saturday, April 2, 2011

Getting on with the job....

Last Thursday's 'Sew and Sews' was busy busy with Clare whipping up a quilted bag for our trip to Melbourne in two weeks for AQC. (Note the mandatory glass of red wine. That helps you get the look of extreme concentration that Clare is currently sporting!) I can't believe it's just two weeks to go when you consider we booked our airfares eight months ago!Clare is using some Amy Butler Love fabric that she scored at a bargain price at last year's event. Here's hoping there are even more fabulous finds this year! So whilst Clare was table bound, I was getting down and dirty on the floor with Clare's cat who's tail gave me a bit of grief whilst I basted my Munki Munki Network quilt. I think I'm laughing but maybe I'm telling the cat to take his tail elsewhere! (And please don't think I'm casting aspertions on the condition of Clare's floor - it was far from dirty!)I'm really pleased I managed to get this quilt to the basted stage. Not sure where I'll find the time to quilt it these next few days as Clare has inspired me to do a spot of knitting ....I guess that's what 'Sew and Sews' is for......inspiration!

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  1. hi theresa, thats looks beautiful....have fun in melbourne