Sunday, August 15, 2010

AQC....8 months and counting....

The girls made an executive decision at last Thursday's Sew & Sews and that was that now that the dates have been released for the 2011 Australasian Quilt Convention, we would take advantage of current low priced airfares and fly over the Melbourne for the day.The dates are 14th to 17th April. Saturday is the 16th. I reckon that's 8 months plus one from now! Whooo hooo!For quilters, this is an exhibition not to be missed....even if it's just to spend the day in Melbourne's beautiful Royal Exhibition Hall. We had a blast earlier this year and vowed to come back. Now we're on our way!
On the production line front....I finished the binding on my Munki Munki Rainbow quilt this morning.It's pretty dismal here today, cold and incredibly windy and obliging quilt holder uppers are in short supply. I've managed a few shots but due to the size (80" x 65"), it's impossible for me to get a complete shot on my own. I've still got threads to tidy up, so that's probably not a bad thing!I've used the last of my Ikea heart fabric on the back and bound the quilt in a white on orange polka dot. Speaking of which. Why is it called 'polka'? Humm....need to wiki that one!

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