Friday, August 27, 2010

Small constellation.....

I admit it. I'm on the prowl for pretty much anyone in my remote circle having a baby. I love making baby quilts and look for any excuse.
And whilst I have a pile of unfinished quilts in varying degrees of 'unfinished-ness', I leap at the prospect of starting something small and baby-ish for a quick gratifying start and finish. What's more, baby quilts are a great chance to try out new techniques ....sort of prototype's for bigger versions.
The penny dropped the other night when R announced that Ms F's baby bump is now showing. did I miss the fact that her teacher had announced her pregnancy to the class. I must have been asleep. Opp-or-toon-ity!
I have a small stash of the little triangles that are cut from the binding joins. My stash is rather healthy given Kay's contributions. These little triangles make fantastic mini scrappy Maverick Stars, detailed in Crazy Mom's 'using it all post'.
So this little quilt has been born out of tiny little triangle offcuts and all the white offcuts that I also stash. So far, I have a small constellation made completely out of almost nothing! Fantastic!Here is a shot of me at work basting away tonight. R took the shot and I love it. It's blurry because of the camera settings but it makes me look like a quilter woman possessed. How true is that!


  1. No wonder some of those triangles looked familiar!!

    Now what am *I* going to make for Ms F???? Huh???

  2. i'm the SAME way about baby quilts. I'll drop everything to whip one of those up! Love your wonky stars.