Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Skipping Girl....

I have been working on my Skipping Girl Katie Jump Rope quilt for ages and that's not even counting in the time that I dreamt of owning a quilt with these fabrics and the time it took to acquire the fabrics.
I cut the squares out in October 2009 and pieced the front in January 2010 school holidays. It has been folded over a coat hanger as a flimsie since then.
The reason it stalled again was because I just could not decide on a backing that would do these gorgeous fabrics justice.
I bought fabrics on line only to discard it once it arrived. I bought others from various stores only to decide they were too brazen for these subtle 'working class' prints. It was a dilema.
Then one night, or maybe it was the wee morning hours, as I tossed and turned in one of those wretched half awake sleeps I seem to have these days, I suddenly remembered the batch of solids that I had just purchased for my Munki Munki quilt. By many of these colours were very similar to those used in the Katie Jump Rope range. And as solids, they weren't going to compete with the prints.
I had around 15" left of my matching horde so I cut strips of 10" and 5". I thought these widths were mathematically appropriate given the front squares were 5".
Wash the dishes, dry the dishes,
have a cup of tea.
Don't forget the sugar.
A-one, a two, a three......

I'm thrilled! The Skipping Girl quilt is now back on the agenda for a finish!

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