Sunday, August 29, 2010

Small constellation finished....

The Small Constellation baby quilt is finished!
I'm thrilled with it. I think it's lovely.
But do I think it's lovely because it is? I think it's lovely because it didn't cost much? Or that it was born out of true patchwork values, making something out of virtually nothing? Now there's a few questions? I think the answer is 'yes to all of the above'!
You see the front is made completely from scraps....tiny triangles from the 2 1/2" binding offcuts and various white scraps that dictated the layout.
The back is a combo of scrap and stash offcuts .
The binding uses all those bits of left over binding from every other quilt all joined together in a scrappy haphazard way. (Actually that's not quite true. I placed them as stripe, dot, stripe, dot etc....!)The funny thing (or is it irony?) is that with scrappy binding is that you get a pile of new triangles to add to the collection for the next quilt. Fantastic!I really enjoy making these little scrappy maverick star 6" blocks, they're so easy and once you get the knack you can even chain piece, have the iron ready and speed up the completion process.
I got so organised this morning that I created another round of stars for a draw string bag to go with the quilt. Again, totally made with left overs.
I'd say that that's a very good week's worth of stash busting!


  1. And what size did it finish up at?
    You've made me have a light bulb moment - a workmate is expecting her second and a quilt would be a lovely project to use up some of my stash.....but what size to make???

  2. Hey Kay. This one is about 34 x 42" (I even measure in inches now!!)...funny size but that's the way the scraps fell.....
    Cut 2.5 " white squares to set the triangles = 6" blocks. Have fun!