Sunday, July 4, 2010

S.I.L. Quilt

I've finished the over-sized half square triangle quilt for my sister in law's forthcoming birthday.
This quilt is bigger than I'm used to lately (69" x 69"/175cm x 175cm) so I decided to straight stitch along the seams and on the diagonal. In some ways I regret that choice. It often mucks up for me when the lines meet and try as I did to really stretch out the fabric during the basting process, it still managed to do it in a couple of places. But on the up side....the rest are perfect. There are also large areas not quilted so I'm hoping it holds together OK.
The back is a pink and very pale yellow polka dot on pink. I didn't quite have enough to get the whole back so there's a little plain pink panel at the bottom. I'll use that as label space.
The binding is a fine stripe created out of tiny dots and pinks up many of the colours used - brown, pink, blue and green.I'm in two minds about pre-washing. I managed to get a spot of grease from the machine on a red patch. Spot cleaning might look obvious but pre-washing makes quilts look used. Dunno?
I'm sounding like I'm not that enamoured with the quilt and that's probably true. I love the fabric and I still like the pattern but if I made another, I'd do it differently. I'm sure S.I.L. will appreciate it.
Speaking of appreciation. Clare took me to a newly renovated pub in our neighbourhood - Benjamins on Franklin. I managed to sneek back for lunch on Friday. Check out the ceiling of the restaurant!
This wave of glass is completely made of upturned cut glass salad and trifle bowls! How gorgeous is that!


  1. Hmmm, I washed Mum's green quilt and then ironed it so it doesn't have that 'used' look...maybe you could try that? I agree that spot cleaning can look obvious, especially on red.

    Love those bowls!! How many op shops did they have to go to I wonder??

  2. Hi -- just stumbled across your blog. It's lovely! I adore the layout of this triangle quilt, and the colors! I just wanted to mention -- maybe you could embroider your signature/date on the plain pink panel -- you know, to make it seem intentional and more personal :-)