Friday, July 16, 2010

Munki-ing around.....

It's hard not to get caught up in the fabric crazes that you observe when you're a blogger and it's nothing short of disappointing when you've realised that you've missed one. I'm sure there's a thesis in consumer behaviour there with the roller coaster of emotion you feel when the last of fabric is sold out or you can't replace what you've just used up!
Being newish to quilting and fabric worship and living in a far flung continent with shops who have to charge double for dollar conversion or don't even carry some lines has resulted in me coming in very late to the 'Flea Market Fancy' and 'Munki-Munki' obsessions. Thank goodness for Etsy and Ebay (and boo to sellers who charge as much as a replacement body part!) because I've managed to accrue some small semblence of a minor collection in both of these ranges.
My Munki-Munki bits are just that....small bits of fabrics purchased as a job lot. It's a risky way to buy because you don't really know how the piece has been cut until you get it, whether it's cut from used pj's or off a roll and there's usually other bits in the bundle that you don't really need. However it's a good way to buy if you want to create something at a reasonble price that features a selection of Heather Ross illustrations. So I've commenced cutting out little squares of images and have made 20 blocks. (And I still have some left for another something later on.)I've taken inspiration from Film in the Fridge and Me a Mom and am incorporating a rainbow selection of solids around each of the mini blocks. The solids are mostly Kona Solids from my stash and purchased online from The Fabric Shack. Delicious!
Stay tuned for the Flea Market Fancy quilt.

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  1. ohhh I love where this is going, Theresa! I can't wait to see it finished!!