Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fruit Salad....

I have finally finished this quilt that has been a little bit over 12 months in the making!
When I originally constructed the top I was really miffed that the colours seemed to all merge -my first lesson in understanding the concept of contrast and colour density. I was so miffed in fact, that I folded it up and popped it back in the cupboard.
I recently posted that I'd pulled it out again on a mission to finish this long abandoned WIP. I received a lovely blog comment from Dirt Road Quilts who referred to the citrus colours it features and it got me thinking of the other fruity colours that are also in the quilt. So 'Fruit Salad' was born to reflect the citrus, honeydew and rock melon, strawberry, banana and persimon colours.
The quilt measures 80" x 65" (203 x 165cm), is stippled and bound in Amy Butler's Martini Dot in orange. All the fabrics are Amy Butler (midwest modern and Lotus) apart from the border and the back. The back is a mixture of pale pink tiny polka dot, fuchsia and white tiny polka dot, orange and white medium polka dot and Kona Celery - all from the stash!I was lucky enough to be stitching the binding on in the sunshine for an hour or so today but by the time I finished the rain rolled in so my holder upper models had to stand on the front verandah. The colours are a little washed out due to the speed in which I had to take the photos. At least the clothes line doesn't answer back or muck around after I take the photo!

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