Friday, July 2, 2010

I'll take average any day.....

L's school conducts a Junior School Cross Country event each year in the last week of second term.
I'm not a runner and think that forcing little legs to run long distances is cruel. I heard yesterday that the sports master uses the event to identify talent and select the candidates for the inter-school cross country events. All that aside, L's a little like me. He's not sporty and his dispraxia makes physical activity and interaction between his body and the world difficult. Now in grade 3 he was about to have his 4th go at this event. Each year the distance gets longer and this year his class was supposed to run 2km. 2KM!!! 8 and 9 year can't be serious! That's torture! Mr C, L's class teacher started to lobby that once round the two ovals was good enough (that's 1km). Luckily the under 10's who ran beforehand took so long to complete their 2km circuit that Mr B relented.
L wasn't keen. He'd already asked me to talk to Mr C. We both told him to just have a go, do your best and have fun. He told me I wasn't allowed to call out or cheer. Last year Joe did and L stopped in his tracks with embarrassment and finished by walking last over the line with one of the teachers. So with lips sealed, I held my breath.
It was the same start as last year. Last one off the start line.
I couldn't look. I chatted with the mums on the side-lines as we lost sight of the group and it started to split up clearly separating the runners from the non.
4 minutes and 48 seconds later the first runner crossed the line. Followed by the next one and the next one. I cheered for every boy crossing the line and wondered how painful this finish was going to be for L. Then I looked up. Who was that....running up in the red house top? It couldn't was L! I let out a 'come on L!' by mistake. The look of determination on his face was magnificent. The teacher handing the position cards said she thought he had more in him! I thought I was going to cry. My little boy was 13th out of 26. Perfectly average.And as he sat down with the group of other 'finishers' in his class, you couldn't wipe the smile and sense of achievement off his face. You can't ask for more than that now can you? Well done L!

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  1. Oh, I had a little tear in my eye reading that. Well done L!