Friday, February 5, 2010

It has to get worse.....

....before it gets better!
A little over 9 years ago we had our house totally re-wired. Then we had a completely un-planned opportunity to go overseas and whilst we were away I realised that I was pregnant with L.
I have always maintained that if you want to get pregnant then spend ALL your savings!
The wiring job was left for Joe to finish off by chasing-in and plastering the wires that led to the fuse box and fixing the cornice that the electrician hacked into and broke. Needless to say with all the hurley-burly of having another baby and life as it un-folded the job was left. It's been like this all those years! So this year we're on a drive to finish off all those things that just got left. (Funny thing is that when I pointed it out to Clare last night at Sew & Sews, she claimed to have never noticed it!)
It's been a very messy, dusty job with dust travelling beyond the boundaries of the hallway. And of course, there's always more cracks to fix whilst the plaster and ladder are out and then there's the new bit of cornicing and the painting to come.....
So with all the action at the front of the house I haven't been able to baste anything because the quilt tops would get dirty. I'm not complaining....for fear of stifling the enthusiasm! Instead, I've opted for smaller projects like these two little Maverick Star dolly quilts for Tara and S (who are about to return to the US) and Tara's sister's little girl who is down visiting from Cairns. Even though these quilts are small, they're time consuming with all the star construction. But they're great scrap buster practice pieces with a chance to practice some loopy stippling. I'm sure their dolly's will love them!
The stars are made using the triangles saved from binding off-cuts and 2 1/2" squares with each block measuring approx 6". The quilts end up around 18" square (50cm). Crazy Mom wrote about them here in her 'Using it all' post.
And even though I have several quilt tops backed up at the 'factory', I've started to cut out some cartwheel pieces ready to make another. Stay tuned....

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