Friday, February 5, 2010

Green. Not good.

I'm superstitious. I can't help it, my Mum made me that way. She has a reason for things going bad all the time. (Gosh, just read my last post, it's full of superstitious 'reasons why'!)
So based on her theories, I shouldn't have sympathised with a work colleague who said she was having 'one of those days'.
My day had been going superbly.
Work was under control.
The day started out cloudy but fined up to the most sensational 27 C day. One of those days you wished you had every day.
I picked up L after school and we drove with the windows down in the car to watch R's basketball practice all the while with my mind drifting off as I worked out what shopping I was going to do straight after the game and what I was going to make for dinner.
And then the un-planned happened.
R clashed and tripped. She fell and she fell awkwardly.
We went straight to the 'Women's & Childrens' Hospital'.
Two hours later we have a green fracture (not good!!!) and lots of excuses to get out of sport and needless to say, I haven't done the shopping! I certainly didn't order any of that today.


  1. Ack!! Poor R!!
    Did you get the waterproof cast????

  2. Not yet. She's got the slab to hold for a week, then we go back for the cast....we'll decide then!

  3. Go the waterproof.
    And Miss R says "OMG! Tell her it will get really itchy!"