Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When it's hot, hot, hot.....

A week of red hot activity has been bestowed upon me. I didn't necessarily order just turned out that way!
All weekend I worked on my major assignment for this study period with a red hot deadline hanging over my head. (I missed it ....yikes! :-( )
Then on Monday morning I had to get to the fracture clinic for R's new fiberglass cast. Finally after a 2 hour session we were out of there with a bright red waterproof cast which is not really waterproof once you read the instruction booklet.
Then a quick whip into the office, read emails, load up the file and then onto a plane for a red hot trip to Brisbane for work. Hard work, long hours but dealing with lovely, lovely people for a new car dealership launch with a 'red hot theme'. It would have been seriously hot if it hadn't rained...the wretched weather made it incredibly humid and coming from dry old Adelaide, I was not prepared for the wet/hot/drippy/sweaty temperature.
Up ladders, moving furniture, hanging fabric, co-ordinating sound and lighting contractors, caterers, bands, fire eaters, hostesses, special guests, lighting candles, tying ribbons on scissors for ribbon cutting ceremonies, meeting former 'famous' Australian Rugby players (which didn't wash with an Aussie Rules town girl!!) .....we were ready to rock with a truly red hot show. This is a bit of what I do for a living. It's not glamorous. It's hard work. But I survived, the guests had a lovely time and the client was happy and it all went off without a hitch....barr the weather but we can't order that!
It's nice to be home. Now where's that assignment? And look at the condition of that red cast! Back to reality.

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