Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky coin....

This is a little quilt that I've made for a client's wife who's about to have her fourth baby girl. She's been having a bit of a rough time with this pregnancy right from the start with a close call last week at the 32 week mark*. She's back home now 'buying time'. * I think 32 weeks is perfectly reasonable but that's my experience!
The quilt measures 36" square (90cm) and is made up of pretty much the last of my red left-overs. I pieced the coins together when I was on leave, just mucking around with the sewing machine but with the intention of making a straight coin quilt. Having picked it up again with a purpose I had a change of heart and decided to run them around, almost half log cabin style. The back really is the last of my medium red and white polka dot with more of the coins and the binding also made out of the polka dot and white.
I'm hoping the red brings them luck!
And just for fun. A gratuitous shot of my little baby.