Sunday, October 11, 2009


What? That's not how you spell amnesia. I know. And recently I could have been accused of having it. It looks like I've completely forgotten that I even have a blog given recent absences but that can be easily explained away with an assignment to hand up and preparation for a mid term test. I'm afraid I'm a terrible procrastinator and choose fabric over text books any (every) day! So needless to say, I was way behind in the academic department! (It's the same excuse I have when it comes to housework I must admit!!)
But no. The real issue surroundging forgetfulness is my lack of observance over two little milestones.
1. My 50th blog posting (this is 53!) and 2. my year of quilting. (insert clapping and trumpet sounds here)
It's been a year since the Sew & Sews girls decided to make a quilt to celebrate our mentor Carly's new little baby Olive. The Sew & Sews originally met at a Thursday evening art class at Nest Studio and we continued to meet after Carly went on maternity leave. We chose the Goodnight Sweet Prints design from Material Obsession 1, each of us creating a panel surrounded by 4" squares. It was a lot of fun working collaboratively even though I think back now to how we blindly plundered through the process with only a couple of books as references. We've all come a long way in our quilt making and fabric obsessions since then. Even CZ who on our first S&S's fabric buying trip to Melbourne declared she wasn't a quilter has started a quilt!
A year ago I'd never even heard of Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt or Anna Maria Horner. Now their names are part of everyday vernacular in our household! I now have two sewing machines and a renovated antique wardrobe is standing in pride of place with fabric jewels to worship as you pass. And of course, a blog.
To celebrate these little milestones I've made a mini quilt featuring these 3 wonderful designers. It measures 40cm x 40cm (approx 16" x 16"). It's the AM-NYS-IA mini quilt (AMy deNYSe anna marIA) and each of the designers are featured. Where's Anna Maria? She's on the back in the selvedges! Her colours just weren't working on the front! Sorry AMH!
There are two selvedge panels on the back. And the quilt is straight line quilted which was a first for me. I'm really thrilled with how it worked out.
So let's share the moment. The AM-NYS-IA mini quilt could be yours. Just leave me a comment and say hi. I'd love to hear from you. I'll announce where this 'Little Sew & Sew' is going to live next week. Happy blogging, studying and sewing!


  1. Very cute! Maybe I should make some mini quilts to practice my free motion quilting???

    Congratulations on all the milestones (and the study....I don't know HOW you fit it all in).

    Now I'm going back to quilting my cream quilt that has been sitting in the corner patiently waiting for weeks now. Have just noticed that the bobbin thread ran out just after I started the seam but am nearly at the end of the row now....don't you just HATE that!!??!!

  2. Well done it looks great - I so agree - a year ago I couldn't of imagined collecting selvedges let alone celebrating and using them!! - what a long way we have come - here's to celebrating the milestone - make it the 22nd - I'll bring the bubbles buubles