Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cockle doodle doo....

'The Chook' is finished. It's straight line quilted in a grid pattern that emerged as I was quilting it. I'd initially planned to just quilt in one direction but changed my mind as I went. I think having the two directions supports the log cabin and its multi-directional effect.

The binding is scrappy. It mostly uses the fabrics I've used in the log cabins but I've also used another which I'd initially rejected for the quilt. I purchased this fabric from the quilt shop in St Helens in Tasmania. It was in their discount pile and I didn't ever take notice of what it was. I loved the little plum blossoms....sort of Japanese. I'd only purchased 30cm so it wasn't quite enough to do all the binding and as I worked with it I grew more fond of it and didn't have the heart to use it all up.

'The Chook' measures approx 120cm square (47") and it goes into the cupboard for a planned gift at the end of the year.

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