Thursday, October 15, 2009

There goes the neighbourhood!

The Girl Guide Fundraiser Quilt is finished!

Miss Polly is sad to see this quilt go....she was quite enjoying sitting on the current stack! And I'm sad to see it go was a much loved/desired design right from the start. You know what that means.....I'll just have to make another one!
The binding was fun but tricky, little blotches of colour in between strips of white. (For the blotches of colour, I used all those little bits of left over binding that I file in a zip lock bag.) I totally miscalculated the dimensions for where the colour would land but hey....I'm sure the recipient won't be as critical as me. It was also unusual to join the binding pieces on a straight seam rather than angled.
The backing fabric is a tiny spot - orange, green, yellow, blue on white....perfect for the majority of white and colours used in the front.
The stippling was tricky. As I've said in previous posts, I think I've lost my strippling mojo....but I think that was a thread issue.
The quilt measures around 60" square.


  1. Wow, that little house quilt is really something... But you know how fond I am of little houses (and their contents).