Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spring has sprung...

And I'm celebrating with the completion of my red and white flower quilt. It measures around 145cm square which is a lovely snuggly size. It's even more snuggly because I chose not to stipple this one and cross hatched it diagonally across the squares instead leaving the quilt layers a bit looser. I also free-motioned around the flower but I'd have to say that of all the new things I tried with this quilt that was the hardest and delivered the most disappointing outcome. I'll have to work on that technique as it's quite different to stippling....which conveniently covers a plethora of stitching movement 'sins'. Other new discoveries with this quilt....easy thread needles. Have you heard of them? They're needles with a tiny slit in the top that allow you to pull your threads through to the back without having to thread the needle. Once I got the hang of it (like hearing the 'click' of the cotton into the slit), it was a breeze to finish off those pesky quilting threads.
And my new little quilt tags. Originally inspired by Red Pepper Quilts, you'll find them over at Lilla Lotta on Etsy.
I've used a candy cane fabric for the binding and whilst this is current Christmas fabric stock from Spotlight, the red and white and the diagonal stripe look fantastic as binding.
Needless to say the quilt has been swiftly removed from the pile and disappeared into R's room!


  1. What a cute quilt! I love too how you have sewn the custom tape onto the quilt! I might just have to copy you here! Lovely work!


  2. Oh Rita if only you knew! I forgot I ordered the labels and they arrived after I'd finished. There was also this little black mark on the bottom corner. Must have been a grease spot from the machine so I stuck the label over it! Necessity is the mother of invention I believe!